NaPoWriMo, Day 4

I followed the NaPoWriMo prompt today (loosely) to generate a poem about dream imagery.  I feel like I may have to do several takes of this, because 1) my dreams are usually REALLY strange, and 2) I have several recurring themes in my dreams and have had them for years.  This encompasses a couple that I’ve had several times.



first I am aware

of existing


then I notice

the doors flung wide


so I sidle up

to the threshold


and call out

to my volleyball coach


from high school

who says


no water breaks

and when I protest


my teeth fall out



into my hands

and I look at them


with scientific curiosity

not unlike


I examine the feeling

of existing


that started this whole thing

and the sense


that the doorway

does not lead


anywhere I wish

to go


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