NaPoWriMo, Day 18 (belated)

He has scribbled black Crayola all over

his face, a mask he grins through

with a front tooth missing.  He announces

he is now Captain Baby Pants

and that he has no super powers,

but I beg to differ.


He has strength enough to stretch me

into previously unmarked territory:

my personal Antipodes, cluttered

with old luggage, tarnished silver

and staircases leading to parts unknown.

He has a mighty grip as he takes my hand

and navigates a parking lot or a psychiatrist’s office.

He can metamorphose into any beast

or being, and his voice is a sonic boom

felt in other hemispheres.


And at times, he fades into opaqueness

which is even more deceptive than invisibility

because while I can see him clearly,

I lose what’s behind his eyes.


But I scoop him up with my own mom-like strength

because it’s bath time

and I’m still discovering his secret identity.

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