NaPoWriMo, Day 16 (belated)

This week has been rough on my writing–both my younger son and I have had a cold, which left me exhausted at the end of each day.  I did write Day 16 on Monday, but was so tired by the end of the day that I couldn’t bring myself to fire up my laptop and post it.  So here it is today, with subsequent catch-up poems to come in future posts!




She is a walking memory

embedded in dust.  A scratch

in a wood floor.  A held breath.

She passes the doorway

in dignified procession, hands folded,

no heavier than a dust mote’s footstep.

What draws her here,

even in daylight

when other wisps have spent themselves

and retired to debris?  What story casts her

to walk this hallway

in only one direction

like a message in a closed bottle?

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