NaPoWriMo, Day 3

Today, I kept on (one of) my topic(s) from yesterday–Etan Patz, the first missing child to be featured on a milk carton–but tried the prompt from from yesterday to play with voice.


I left home

with a quarter in my pocket

to buy milk for lunch.

It jangled metallic

against a button

from my shirt

and the sound moved my feet.



You left home

with a quarter in your pocket

that we gave you

with a brown bag

full of lunch.

Your feet

still in velcro (no ties yet)

made rubber-light taps

on the front steps

hopping two at a time.

He left home

with a quarter in his pocket,

belly breakfast-full

and soft under flannel

and corduroy.

It was his first time

walking to the bus alone

but can he really

be alone

in such a big city?

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